Digital Marketing Specialist

N/A - N/A
Salary Range: $65,000-$70,000
Deadline: 06/30/2022 Open

Top Skills Needed:

  • Google PPC/SEM
  • Social Media
  • Google Display
  • Bring new digital marketing ideas


  • Must have B2C digital marketing experience
  • Must have strong Google PPC experience
  • You will manage all digital accounts.  Responsible for all paid media
  • You understand all aspects of digital marketing, not just Google Ads
  • Analytical skills
  • The busy season is the third quarter of the year.  April through summer their business slows
  • Geotarget within a few hours of their offices
  • Like a go-getter that doesn’t need a lot of management
  • 6-month sales cycle, so need down-funnel lead management experience.  Nurture leads depending on where they are in the buying cycle.
  • Strong reporting skills
  • Small growing company.  Will share digital marketing details with the CEO
  • Reports to Director of Marketing.
  • CRM experience
  • The monthly spend is $50k a month.  Like candidates with similar monthly spend experience.  Will increase spending to 75k later this year.
  • Have three locations and will open a fourth in NC later this year.
  • Do not have a YouTube or TikTok presence.  Would like someone to help launch these platforms.  They have the content for this medium.

PS: To apply for this job email your details to [email protected]