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GenZ trends, inclusive media planning dominate 2023 predictions

Insights shared by Google leaders on top marketing trends expected to shape the year 2023 have revealed that the new year will be led by more inclusive media planning, privacy and peace of mind, GenZ trends, an...

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11 things you don’t know about marcoms consultant, Fridel Makun

Right in his birthday behavior, this week on ADMARP One-on-One, we had the pleasure of hosting Marketing communications consultant Fridel Makun. ADMARP: Did you choose advertising or did advertising choose you?...

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New Eskimi pricing algorithm to help advertisers buy inventories at lower prices

In light of increasing exchange rates, most advertisers in Nigeria incur huge costs when they pay for their ads in dollars. To mitigate this challenge, Nigeria’s leading programmatic ad platform Eskimi has anno...

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Sales: Power of marketing is psychological

What can be more heartbreaking than discovering that the Black Friday deals you have been looking forward to only reflect “dubious” discounts? or that the ‘Special’ offers aren’t so special? U...

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Musk appoints former VP as head of advertising sales

In the wake of Twitter’s mass layoffs and resignations, Twitter CEO Elon Musk has appointed Chris Riedy Head of Advertising sales. Riedy, who takes over from Robin Wheeler, previously served as Vice President, ...

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5 easy tips to improve your overall health

Across the world, It may seem that people began to pay more attention to their health and well-being after the world got hit by COVID, however, there are still groups of people across demographics who don’t und...

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Scary times ahead for employees in corporate and tech jobs

Competition in the job market is expected to worsen as the workforce brace for the ripple effects of mass firing across industries which has exposed the current vulnerabilities of employees in corporate and tec...

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Amazon, Meta and other tech companies executing mass layoffs

Blaming it on the unusual macro-economic environment, a whopping number of tech companies have initiated mass layoffs as they continue to stay afloat following a massive revenue decline in October. E-commerce g...

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COVID predictions and accelerated trends didn’t see the war coming

Where company executives have blamed overestimation of covid-predictions for the massive layoff spree currently in execution across industries, data analysts have shared that “Covid predictions couldn’t h...

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Metaverse advertising: Professionals urge more real world application at Eskimi Webinar

Diving into exciting aspects, importance, intricacies, and benefits of the metaverse during a virtual conversation facilitated by Eskimi DSP, Nigeria’s leading adtech plaform, professionals  in the digita...