Training / Educational Organization

ADMARP supports training institutes and educational bodies that offer qualifications and training in digital marketing and related fields. Once your organisation applies for partnership with ADMARP, we will commence our evaluation process which may include a physical visit to your organisation. On satisfactory review, you will receive a partnership agreement which qualifies you to be a listed member upon full execution.

Once registered, partners will be listed on the ADMARP Website and Corporate Directory. Educational Members may use the ADMARP logo on their website and material for identification. Training/Educational Partners are required to offer ADMARP members


Training / Educational Organization members of The Association of Digital Marketing Professionals will receive the following benefits:

  • Certificate

    ADMARP Partner Certificate (renewed yearly)

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    Listing on ADMARP Website and Corporate Directory

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    Student acquisition (requires ADMARP exclusive pricing)

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    Referrals, recommendations and access to RFPs

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    Use of ADMARP logo on Company website and promotional materials (excluding the promotion of courses not approved by ADMARP)

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    Access to exclusive industry reports from ADMARP and its research partners

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    Newsletter with updates on industry activities and interviews

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    Networking and knowledge sharing opportunities


Training and Educational Partners must renew their Partner Certificates yearly at the cost of N100,000 (automatically renewed unless cancelled).