Our Mission

  • To drive the adoption of digital marketing and improve the knowledge, skills, conduct and practice of the profession in Nigeria.


  • Adoption: Drive accelerated adoption of digital marketing tools, strategies and solutions across all organisations in Nigeria.
    Knowledge: To provide platform and opportunities for gathering and sharing knowledge and insight on the subject of digital marketing
    Skills: To conduct periodic training and retraining and certification of members and prospects
    Conduct: Communicate, engage and train members on best practices within the industry.
    Rewards: To drive standardized and globally competitive compensation for digital marketing practitioners in Nigeria
    Community: Create opportunities for digital marketers to network with each other.
    Opportunities: Provide access to job and other related opportunities for digital marketing practitioners in Nigeria.

Articles of Association

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    Our objectives will be enlightening, certifying and educating and offering membership to those individuals or companies working in or associated with or wishing to work in digital marketing.
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    For those purposes we will strive to offer a platform for discussion, vision and collaboration to those working in the industry and help promote education and research. ADMARP supports and encourages digital marketing professionals to uphold industry standards, to ensure best practice in the profession.
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    ADMARP promotes education in digital marketing and will work with organisations and educational bodies offering these qualifications to promote digital marketing training.