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Becoming a member of the Association of Digital Marketing Professionals will provide you access to an exclusive range of benefits including but not restricted to: Industry recognition as a professional in the field of digital marketing, Industry reports and resources on digital marketing and related activities, network opportunities, access to job and project opportunities, and the use of ADMARP designations (AAM & APM) on your online and offline appellations. Membership of ADMARP is open to anyone working or interested in digital marketing.

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How to become a certified ADMARP member.

ADMARP offers professional membership to digital marketing experts and enthusiasts who have undergone our trainings or other trainings from our listed accredited training and certification providers.


Digital marketer with less than 3 years working experience, with or without a recognized digital marketing qualification is eligible to join ADMARP as an Associate member.


Digital Marketers with over 3 years working experience and a recognised qualification in Digital Marketing are eligible to enter as Professional Members of ADMARP.


Association of Digital marketing professionals offers membership to corporate organizations that are actively involved and contributing to the digital marketing industry.

Training/Educational Organization

ADMARP supports training institutes and educational bodies that offer qualifications and training in digital marketing and related fields.

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