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ADMARP commissions Nigeria’s first digital marketing salary survey

  • Participate in our anonymous salary survey for digital marketing professionals in Nigeria. Click here

The demand for skilled digital marketing professionals has soared globally as businesses adapt to the new normal, and in Nigeria, this shift has propelled remarkable growth in the digital marketing industry, even amid economic challenges.

Within this paradigm, the salary potential for digital marketing professionals has become a focal point of consideration. Recognizing the correlation between skills, experience, and compensation is now crucial for attracting and retaining top talent.

At ADMARP, our mission includes driving standardized and globally competitive compensation for digital marketing practitioners in Nigeria. Our commitment aligns with the belief that fair compensation not only attracts the best talent but also encourages practitioners to invest in refining their skills, ultimately delivering enhanced value to employers.

This initiative kicks off with a comprehensive and anonymous salary survey designed to provide insights into the current salary ranges for digital marketing roles in Nigeria.

The United States reports an average salary range for digital marketing professionals between $50,000 and $90,000 per year, highlighting the financial value placed on these roles. In Nigeria, however, the compensation landscape for digital marketing practitioners is diverse and multifaceted.

This salary survey seeks to unravel the nuanced dynamics within our local context, offering a clear picture of what professionals in the field can expect.

The survey, open until February 14th, 2024, serves as the foundational step toward achieving our overarching goal.

Phase 2 of our strategy involves educating and advising companies on the imperative need to invest adequately in professionally trained talent.

We firmly believe that a well-compensated workforce is a catalyst for industry growth, drawing in top-tier talent and motivating practitioners to continually refine their skillsets.

For digital marketing professionals, this is an invitation to contribute to the elevation of the industry.

Participate in our anonymous salary survey, a quick process that will take less than 5 minutes of your time. (

Your insights will be instrumental in shaping the landscape of digital marketing compensation in Nigeria.

The significance of this survey also extends beyond individual contributions. The data gathered will be made available to everyone, empowering both employers and employees with insights that drive fair compensation practices and foster a thriving digital marketing ecosystem.

Furthermore, we encourage you to share this survey within your network, extending the reach to other digital marketing professionals who may not yet be part of our community.

Together, we can catalyze positive change, drive growth, and unlock the true potential of digital marketing careers in Nigeria.

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