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11 things you don’t know about Chief Revenue Officer, James Praise

This week, we are shining the spotlight on seasoned marketing expert, James Praise who currently sits as the Chief Revenue Officer at Cecure Intelligence Limited.

With a rich background spanning IT & Big Tech, FinTech, E-Commerce, Ed Tech, Logistics, and Travel, James excels in fostering lasting growth for brands, products, and individuals through sustainable, margin-boosting strategies. His impressive track record includes driving revenue expansion across various sectors, from product and service-focused companies to startups, SMBs, consultancies, and agencies, encompassing both B2B and B2C models.

ADMARP: Did you choose marketing, or marketing chose you?

James: It feels like a mutual choice – my interest led me to marketing, and marketing resonated with my skills at the time.

ADMARP: What is your greatest weakness?

James: Sometimes, I can get overly focused on details, which might slow me down.

ADMARP: What is the idea people have of you that is quite contrary to who you really are?

James: Because I usually maintain a calm disposition, people assume they can take advantage.

ADMARP: What can you describe as the most groundbreaking moment/period in your career journey?

James: Building out a RevOps function from scratch – role definition, hiring, onboarding, process and operations. Also leading the team to animate and execute growth plans.

ADMARP: What is your favorite food?

James: For now, it’s pepper soup and roasted turkey

ADMARP: What food do you think is the most overrated?

James: Pounded yam

ADMARP: Tell us an unpopular opinion about marketing that you think people should embrace more?

James: Not every campaign needs to go viral; consistent engagement matters more.

ADMARP: If you weren’t a marketing expert, what would you have done differently in life?

James: I would be an academic, devoting my life to endless learning and publishing journals.

ADMARP: What state are you from?

James: I’m from Afransi, Gomoa Ghana (paternal), and Edo state (maternal)

ADMARP: What are you afraid of the most?

James: Not making the most of the opportunities I have.

ADMARP: Who is your bestie in the industry?

James: I love all the stars


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