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11 things you don’t know about digital marketing executive, Temitope Ajao

This week, we had the pleasure of hosting Temitope Ajao, a digital marketing executive who has helped over 1000 companies to grow their social media presence.

Currently sitting as the communications manager at Dyslexia Nigeria, Ajao has also worked with prestigious companies such as Access Bank, JetSeed (Formerly known as PettySave), Utiva and many others. She is the founder of The Sugary Growth, and an associate member of ADMARP.

ADMARP: Did you choose marketing, or marketing chose you?

Ajao: I chose marketing. Why did I choose marketing? I was broke. I needed money for my tuition and upkeep. Marketing was the only legit way out. So, yes, I chose it. 

ADMARP: What is your greatest weakness?

Ajao: My greatest weakness is timidity. For someone who is a believer in Christ, it’s ironic. However, I’m getting better daily with the constant confession of 2 Timothy 1:7. 

ADMARP: What is the idea of you people have that is quite contrary to who you really are?

Ajao: People believe I’m proud and a snob. But I’m not. I just don’t get along well with people easily until I know that I can be vulnerable with them. 

ADMARP: What can you describe as the most groundbreaking moment/period in your career journey?

Ajao: The most groundbreaking moment in my career was when I founded The Sugary Growth Agency in 2020. Since then, my career has skyrocketed. 

ADMARP: What is your favorite food?

Ajao: Cereals. From Rice Krispies to Fruit n Fibre and all sorts of ready-to-eat meals.

ADMARP: What food do you think is the most overrated?

Ajao: Jollof Rice. Every day, I wonder why Nigerians and Ghana fight over that food.

ADMARP: Tell us something, an unpopular opinion about marketing that you think people should embrace more?

Ajao: Marketing is an investment. If you don’t invest, you won’t yield returns. 

ADMARP: If you weren’t a marketing expert, what would you have done differently in life?

Ajao: I would have become an actress. It is my dream career.

ADMARP: What state are you from? 

Ajao: Kwara 

ADMARP: What are you afraid of the most?

Ajao: Not making heaven. 

ADMARP: Who is your bestie in the industry?

Ajao: Babatunde Alimi of Eskimi. He introduced me to ADMARP. Ironically, he hasn’t joined ADMARP yet.

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