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11 things you don’t know about marketing professional, Temitayo Ige

This week on ADMARP One-on-One, we had the pleasure of hosting marketing professional and global brand communications lead at Beiersdorf AG, a global company with presence across over 150 countries.

In her current capacity,Ige oversees the creation of communication material across several media platforms for NIVEA, a brand that has become one of the fastest growing.

She continues to explore avenues to grow the industry by organizing conferences, contributing and sharing knowledge as well as constantly seeking opportunities to learn. She has also helped to strategically position several top brands digitally, brands like Coca Cola, Knorr, FBN Quest, Diamond Bank, Airtel Nigeria, amongst others.

: Did you choose marketing, or marketing chose you?

 Ige: In a way, it is a bit of both.

I grew up wanting to be a pharmacist. In a short while, I realized that was never going to happen considering how much I could not stand drugs. Then I moved to being a lawyer and then JAMB happened. Instead of waiting for another year, I decided to go for what was available and then I found myself in marketing (mass/media communication). Ever since then, I have fully chosen marketing. My postgrad and years of experience have been fully in marketing/marketing communications. Looking back, I believe it was God shutting doors and opening doors to get me on this path.

ADMARP: What is your greatest weakness?

Ige: My greatest weakness is sometimes overthinking things. On one hand, it is useful because you think things through properly, on the other hand, there are times where it can be a hinderance.

ADMARP: What is the idea of you people have that is quite contrary to who you really are?

Ige: I mean, I’ll have to first know what idea people have of me (if you are reading this and you know me, drop me a message and let me know what notion/idea you have about me *wink*). But, one thing that comes to mind is that people think I am a social butterfly and I make friends easily. I am an ambivert. I can be social but my energy is timed. I can be all buzzing one minute and then just sit and stare the next with my already perfected fake smile.

ADMARP: What can you describe as the most groundbreaking moment/period in your career journey?

Ige: I have had several groundbreaking moments over the course of my career. That in itself will take 5 seasons with 8 episodes each to share. When Netflix comes knocking then I will share the full gist. But the most recent groundbreaking moment is becoming the Global Brand Communication Lead for a very global brand like NIVEA. Moving to a global platform careerwise is one for the books. I can’t allude it to anything I did particularly, I’ll say it is God’s grace at play. Maybe someday, I will be able to tell the full story.

ADMARP: What is your favourite food?

Ige: I don’t do favorites generally (color, artiste, music, etc). I like different things at different times. I’ll say though that I am a big foodie and I am not sure I can say no to Dodo (fried plantain).

ADMARP: What food do you think is the most overrated?

Ige: None! Being someone that doesn’t have a favorite food, I understand the fact that what makes different people tick will vary. Whatever rocks your boat I guess.

ADMARP: Tell us something, an unpopular opinion about marketing that you think people should embrace more?

Ige: I don’t know how unpopular this is but this is specifically to marketeers in truly emerging markets- don’t just move all/most of your budget to digital because it is the ‘in’ thing. In fact, you may not particularly need a digital first comms strategy. Start with the consumer and work from there.

ADMARP: If you weren’t a martech expert or a marketing professional, what would you have done differently in life?

Ige: I would certainly have been a professional dancer or a teacher. I love dancing (by extension listening to music) and I love passing on knowledge. I was a part of a dance group in uni (shout out to the Shake ‘Em Up fam) and I headed it for 2 years. I have also over time discovered my passion for sharing knowledge either on professional topics, life topics or faith topics.

ADMARP: What state are you from?

Ige: Errrrmm…I am a citizen of the world please. I belong to every state, no state, every country and no country at the same time. As they say, if you don’t gerrit…

ADMARP: What are you afraid of the most?

Ige: I am afraid of how bad things will get before Jesus comes back. Yeah, that’s it.

ADMARP: Who is your bestie in the industry?

Ige: This industry has blessed me with many friends, some have turned into family. Shout out to Ademola!

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