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Did everyone take a break from being a Web3 expert?

The past decade has seen phenomenal and disruptive innovations such as the explosion of AI, Big Data, and e-commerce, increased mobile penetration and massive shift to social media platforms, and emerging digital technologies currently transforming the modern workplace.

In 2019, a report estimated that nothing less than 85 percent of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t even been invented yet. As we see, digital evolution has turned out to be a series of natural and spontaneous changes; and if there’s anything we’ve learnt, the tech landscape has changed dramatically.

From AI to automation and robotic assistants, these advances in technology have opened up avenues to new and better kinds of work, creating a host of new positions that never before existed.

Putting things into perspective, the advent of Web3 and the Metaverse have given birth to careers such as Metaverse Consultant, Web3 expert, and Metaverse Business Strategist among others.

“What about ChatGPT consultants,” Constantinos Loizou, CEO EMBIO Diagnostics Limited mentioned in a LinkedIn post.

“Well I guess the AI startup playground has been short-lived; enter Google. It’s been fun to see people “working” or acting like AI experts since November 2022,” said Mike Charalambous, CEO, Threedium.

Buttressing Charalambous’ viewpoint, Teddy Pahagbia, founder and CEO of Druid maintained: “AI is a component, a major one, but a component. People are starting to realize. It’s just as funny as when we saw Web3 and Metaverse experts popping out of nowhere last year. As I said, we live in the convergent era a.k.a the Metaverse Age.”

After surging in the months following Facebook’s rebranding to Meta, Metaverse jobs began to decline. A report from Bloomberg, which highlights a study by Revelio Labs showed that postings for jobs relating to the “metaverse” declined by a whopping 81% between April and June 2022.

According to Gabriel Simões, co-founder and communication expert at Trepa Studio, “If you’re standing on the ‘outside’, you just see disruptive technologies; and since we live to please the algorithm, headlines (or thumbnails) with the words “AI Metaverse Web3” will be the go-to for easy engagement,” he added to the LinkedIn conversation.

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