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Dochase Adx and 02 Academy forge strategic partnership to boost digital literacy

Dochase Adx, Africa’s leading Digital Advertising company, has joined forces with 02 Academy Lagos to champion the future of digital literacy in Nigeria. This collaborative effort aims to drive knowledge exchange, close the employability gap, and localize technology to align with global trends in the creative economy.

The partnership underscores the importance of nurturing local talents in marketing technology, automation, AI, and data infusion, positioning them to compete on the global stage. It seeks to empower young creatives by providing training in digital skills, fostering innovation, and enhancing their competitiveness in the international market.

Managing Director of Dochase Adx, Mr. Chibuike Goodnews, emphasized the commitment to enhancing the digital knowledge infrastructure. He stated, “The collaborative partnership with 02 Academy will infuse technology into marketing and brand communication, strengthening the potential of the creative economy.”

The initiative will leverage data analytics, AI, and predictive insights to lead marketing efforts, ensuring market deliverables and closing gaps in employability and knowledge exchange. Goodnews emphasized the goal of empowering Nigerian consumers to achieve global relevance while driving innovation in the tech and digital economy.

Provost of 02 Academy, Mbanefo Ozone, highlighted the opportunity to make Nigerian youths employable and employers of labor. The partnership with Dochase Adx will address the need for continuous tech updates, ensuring sustainability and providing students with the latest information in tech, digital, and marketing communication.

This collaboration between Dochase Adx and 02 Academy signifies a win-win situation for brands and marketing professionals, fostering innovation and driving sustainability in digital knowledge.


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