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Legend of the Oraimo Cord: How a company’s charging cable is championing virality in product marketing

The legend of the “Oraimo cord” has emerged from the hearts and minds of Nigerians. What began as a practical accessory for charging and data transfer has transformed into a symbol of discipline and authority.

Oraimo cables, known for their lightning-fast charging and high-speed data transfer capabilities, have become an organic sensation and a top-of-mind brand in Nigeria, a phenomenon which has shed light on the power of a superior product and its ability to market itself.

Let’s start with the basics.

Oraimo Technology Limited, a Hong Kong-based company specializing in the research, design, production, and sales of 3C accessories, achieved a remarkable milestone in 2021 by surpassing 100 million in worldwide sales.

Soon, their mission was clear: establish themselves as the leading smart accessory brand in Nigeria. Little did they know that their cables would become an integral part of Nigerian culture.

In an unexpected turn of events, Nigerians began to liken the Oraimo cable to a whip used to enforce discipline, giving rise to a unique form of personification.

This unintentional association has led to a surge in Oraimo’s popularity and organic growth. Skit makers, influencers, and content creators across social media platforms frequently mention the “Oraimo Cord.” Even audiences in comment sections have joined the movement.

“Honestly, this phenomenon is quite extraordinary. I believe that when the brand managers initially started, they didn’t envision Oraimo Cord becoming synonymous with discipline or corrective actions, if I may use that term. However, it’s crucial to note that Oraimo Cord’s exceptional durability is a key factor,” says Fridel Makun, a prominent Head of Sales.

This phenomenon essentially provides Oraimo with free marketing, as those unfamiliar with the brand are left wondering about the mysterious “Oraimo cord” and are compelled to search for it online.

Expressions like “You no get Oraimo cord ni” (translated to “Don’t you have an Oraimo Cord?”) have become part of everyday conversations, insinuating the use of the cable for discipline. Statements like “you for just go wipe am oraimo cord for neck” (translated to “You should have spanked him/her with an Oraimo cord”) pop up in both serious and humorous discussions. For example, a parent sharing tales of their child’s misbehavior might prompt a friend to say, “you no get Oraimo cord?”

According to Makun, the robustness of the Oraimo cable is why some people associate it with a whip.

“Personally, I don’t think the Oraimo Cord brand intentionally promoted this association. Nevertheless, it’s undeniable that the Oraimo Cord is known for its durability,” Makun stated.

He continued, “When people jestingly say, ‘I will whip your Oraimo Cord,’ does it align with the brand’s success? Is it positive or negative? Can they leverage it creatively? Absolutely, there’s an opportunity here for the brand to capitalize on this phenomenon. It’s evident that they are already on the path to expansion, constantly releasing new products. They’ve ventured into shavers and other verticals.”

Discussing the significance of this viral trend on Oraimo’s brand success, Peter Adesanya, manager, Digital Strategy at All Seasons Zenith,, underscored the company’s investment in superior product quality.

While emphasizing the idea that a good product will inherently market itself, he explained, “Consumers are more affiliated with the experiences they have with these brands and sort of integrate the brand or efficient brands with their day-to-day lives.”

Speaking further, the digital strategist broke down the factors contributing to this affiliation, highlighting two critical aspects.

“Firstly, product availability ensures that the brand is readily accessible to consumers when they need it. Secondly, product efficiency and quality play a pivotal role,” he said, noting that Oraimo has distinguished itself by investing heavily in the durability and quality of its cables, outlasting competitors in the market.

According to Peter, while other brands existed in the same category, Oraimo’s commitment to product quality has won over customers, with its cables proving to be more durable and cost-effective in the long run and earning the trust of consumers.

This trust and reliability, he argued, transformed Oraimo into a personalized and indispensable part of people’s daily lives.

“In the world of marketing, this “Oraimo Cord” trend now serves as a remarkable example of how a superior product can organically capture the hearts and minds of consumers. As the legend of the “Oraimo cord” continues to spread, it reaffirms the age-old adage that quality speaks for itself, and in doing so, reshapes the landscape of product marketing,” he stated in his concluding remarks.

photo credit: Instagram, Screenshots: Neekahs_luxurybeads__

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