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Mastercard, Dochase Adx partner to provide discounted digital advertising for businesses in Africa

Mastercard, a global leader in digital payment solutions, has partnered with Dochase Adx, a leading digital advertising platform, to offer a 5% discount to businesses, brands, and SMEs to fund their advertising campaigns.

Dochase advertising platform is renowned for its data-driven approach to performance marketing, data analytics and business growth. By integrating Mastercard’s Business Card funding, businesses gain access to a 5% discount and bespoke advertising solutions tailored to reach their right audience at the right time. 

This partnership is a gateway to expanding market reach, driving conversions, nurturing customer loyalty and enhancing return on investment. Brands can leverage the Mastercard Business Card to seize the potential of Dochase’s platform and execute memorable, results-driven campaigns on a global scale.

Businesses can now fund their campaigns effortlessly and unlock a world of possibilities for growth and success. This collaboration presents a seamless and efficient way for brands to engage with their audiences while building a solid financial foundation.


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