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Accelerated shift to cloud-based gaming, game-changer for 2023

With the gaming audience now estimated at nearly 3 billion worldwide, the in-game advertising market is expected to record another significant rise; however, here comes cloud-based gaming.

Going into 2023, cloud gaming is expected to take the front seat as the accelerated shift towards cloud-based gaming and the metaverse is changing the video game industry, and unlocking brand new opportunities for marketers.

Exhibiting a CAGR of 42.50%, demand for Global Cloud Gaming Market Size is expected to surpass USD 13,333.41 Million by 2028. This rise can also be credited to rising investments from top organizations and increased use of cutting-edge technologies.

On the other hand, the growth of esports at a phenomenal pace, as well as implementation of sophisticated technology solutions has also further propelled marketers to buy into the in-game medium as the monetization continues to grow rapidly.

Fueled by increased interest in cloud gaming, GenZ penetration, and the increasing internet proliferation, skyrocketing ROI of several gaming platforms have made in-game advertising an effective channel of communication even as gaming evolves to become more personalized and immersive.

It is expected that more advertisers will incorporate in-game advertising into their media buying strategies to capitalize on the reach that gaming offers as the in-game advertising market is estimated to reach 286.8 billion in 2025, according to global statistics shared by Statista.


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