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Creativity is the core of digital marketing, or what else?

At the core of digital marketing is creativity, because the key to a successful marketing campaign lies in your ability to be creative.

You might rightly say “No, it’s not. Creativity is just the icing on the cake”. Note, it takes a lot of creativity to bake a cake, more so, a cake that is expected to stand out. 

A truckload of creativity is required in digital marketing as it helps you generate innovative ideas, recognize opportunities, come up with groundbreaking strategies, and inventive solutions to problems. 

Importance of creativity in digital marketing

You become a problem solver

Yup. Creativity helps you devise creative ways to solve seemingly tough challenges as it helps you to see the bigger picture I.e where others see a problem, you see a way to turn the problem to your advantage, make the most of the situation, devise ways to shatter the walls that stand between a brand and its goals, and most importantly do things differently by coming up with newer/more unique ideas instead of resorting to the old solutions and strategies that have been overused in the past. 

Gives you a competitive edge, helps you stay unpredictable

Every competitive advantage a brand has over its competitors, stems from its ability to be creative. Creativity helps you stay unpredictable; it is the blue ocean strategy that helps you see things differently from the way others see it. It helps you carve out techniques that others haven’t thought of. Maybe they have even thought of it, but they just couldn’t muster the courage to execute it. Maybe they executed it, but it will take creativity to deploy it in a manner that it will end up achieving the intended results. 

To keep up with changing consumer behaviors and understand what informs their purchase decisions, it will take creativity to come up with new plans on how to better advertise to them, inform them, market to them, convince them to buy, and earn their loyalty. 

Curate better contents

Creativity helps you identify that although a larger percentage of consumers have moved online, it doesn’t mean you should just dump your ads in their faces and leverage digital marketing tools because “that’s where the consumers are” and “that’s what everyone is doing now”. It helps you identify the right online mediums, digital marketing tools, and contents that suit your target audiences and how best to tailor your ads to their interest. 

Keeps you up to date

Lastly, your ability to be creative helps you keep abreast of changes in the industry, emerging trends, technological innovations.


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