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Keeping up with trends is the biggest challenge for digital marketers

Changes in consumer behaviors and preferences, as well as technological advancements across sectors have continued to have huge transformational impact on the digital marketing industry and the roles of digital marketers.

Although keeping up with trends has been an essential aspect of digital marketing and business growth, as it readily informs decision making, choice of strategies, implementation plans, and keep marketers up to date on changes in consumer behaviors and preferences, new ways to target them, how best to retain them, serve them, and keep them intrigued, results from a LinkedIn poll conducted by ADMARP has revealed that it is not a roller coaster ride.

According to data collated from the poll, 35% of respondents voted that keeping up with trends is currently one of the biggest challenges facing the digital marketing world. About 26% believe that optimizing marketing budgets remains the biggest challenge; while targeting the right audience, Death of third-party cookies held 19% respectively.

However, the ability to keep up with trends is the live wire of digital marketing.

 In this day and age, keeping up with digital marketing trends is very essential for business growth, building value, promoting human engagement, and staying up to date with changes and updates to various marketing channels and tools such as SEO, online video content sharing, pay-per-click advertising, online blog advertising, viral marketing strategies, social media software applications and many more. 

Staying updated on trends in the digital space also provides marketers with inexpensive marketing stretch, new ways to communicate with customers and establish trust and loyalty to your brand, broader brand awareness opportunities, opportunities to boost revenue, build content that connect with users based on data and demographics, and also track the efforts of campaigns across many channels and mediums.

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