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Metaverse advertising: Professionals urge more real world application at Eskimi Webinar

Diving into exciting aspects, importance, intricacies, and benefits of the metaverse during a virtual conversation facilitated by Eskimi DSP, Nigeria’s leading adtech plaform, professionals  in the digital ecosystem have advised that more brands need to also explore its innovative and practical applictations.

The conversation, led by Nimbus Media CEO, Wale Adegoke, Pratibha Das Hatibaruah (Metaverse Consultant, Flugelsoft), Bukayo Ewuoso (Senior Account Manager – West & Central Africa, Eskimi), and Raphael Edema (CEO Night Life Labs) analysed Metaverse marketing and advertising strategies that brands can explore as the Metaverse is fast becoming an influential platform for socialization, creative pursuits, business, gaming, entertainment, and more.

Highlighting virtual customization of products, virtual showrooms, sales of virtual goods, and the creation of unlockable and engaging contents as some of the ways brands can leverage the metaverse, Nimbus Media CEO, Wale Adegoke buttressed the importance of tying metaverse activations to real world efforts.

On his Part, Raphael Edema who spoke on the gamification of the learning process and sensitization of the larger community about the Metaverse, also explored the diverse ways brands can communicate their Metaverse offerings to their vast target audiences.

The Metaverse is expected to be the revolution that will disrupt the world of marketing and advertising. The Metaverse industry which hit a global market value of $47.48 billion in 2022, is expected to surpass the value of $678.80 billion by 2030.

This growth can be credited to the rise of blockchain and digital assets as it enables efficient, secure data transfers, historical records, and decentralized control; and with the rapid penetration of AI, AR, and VR (Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality), the Metaverse will fast change the way companies advertise, market, work, socialize, and interact in the virtual world.

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