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30 digital media and marketing predictions for 2023- ADMARP

The Association of Digital Marketing Professionals(ADMARP) has concluded its Digital Media and Marketing Predictions webinar, a yearly conversation where internal and external experts converge to identify and interpret significant trends that will shape the outlook for the new year even as it rolled out trends expected to shape the year 2023.

The thought leaders who led this year’s marketing predictions include Digital marketing consultant, Ibukun Onitiju; CEO, Dochase Adx, Chibuike Goodnews; Digital lead, All Seasons Zenith, Chisom Bikawei; Head of brands and strategic partnership, Zedi Africa, Omobolanle Akingbala; and Head of digital, News Central, Gad Ocran.


First-party data Predictions- Ibukun Onitiju

  • First party data will be a lifeline for businesses. Invest in it or risk extinction. Businesses will struggle due to the economic challenges, and some will shut down. Your First-party data can give you a lifeline to restart or pivot your business.
  • First-party data will become a monetization strategy. Innovative businesses will use first-party data to create new revenue streams or secure their competitive advantage.
  • Data privacy regulation will be enforced at scale. The scale of enforcement will impact African businesses operating in multiple countries.
  • Web3 will be an unlikely hero to solve data privacy challenges. Users can engage and interact on Web3 platforms without exchanging their data for access and Africa has one of the highest adoptions of crypto globally.


Creator Predictions- Gad Ocran

  • Native advertising will soar  
  • Branded content will soar (70% or consumers would prefer to learn about new products and services through content than traditional advertising)
  • Niche based content creators on different and boring industries will begin to rise
  • Generative AI will play a major role (rise of ChatGPT, Microsoft, and Google)
  • Podcasting will soar
  • Rise of micro and nano-influencers and social commerce will soar
  • Rise of ephemeral content and moment marketing
  • Platforms to open up more monetization options for creators eg. YouTube shorts monetization to start in February 2023
  • Longer digital vertical videos will soar


Conversational Commerce Predictions- Omobolanle Akingbala 

  • Conversational Commerce will anticipate customer shopping decisions; may delay certain aspects of the customer journey but enrich the overall shopping experience
  • Conversational Commerce will leapfrog operational efficiencies
  • One tech solution will strengthen omnichannel approach in marketing in Nigeria
  • Conversational commerce will be used to power collecting customer data and to promote WOM marketing

Rise and Rise of AI- Chibuike Goodnews

  • AI marketing tools will help a business to decide which marketing or business growth strategy they should use based on past data or outside data inputs- Chibuike Goodnews
  • Rise of smart and responsive devices
  • Responsive devices will revolutionize retail, manufacturing, health, and quality control.


Social Commerce Predictions- Chisom Bikawei

  • Social commerce continues to grow in popularity in Nigeria, as we see more consumers turning to the different social networks to discover, research, and purchase products.
  • Additionally, the increasing use of digital payments
  • Nigeria will make it easier for consumers to purchase on social media platforms, which may further  boost the adoption or social commerce in the country.
  • With increased penetration of mobile phones(82%) and internet access (51%) this will in turn drive growth in social commerce


Predictions for ARCON in 2023- Chisom Bikawei

  • There will be a clamp down by ARCON on the big names in the content creation space to try and enforce the policies created
  • Notable brands will also be impacted by their association with creators if they don’t ensure compliance through briefs and contracts
  • ARCON will collaborate with established sectoral bodies in the online space e.g ADMARP to sensitize and cascade adoption to the general populace
  • ARCON will partner with notable names in the advertising space who are ARCON members to serve as key opinion leaders disseminating this information


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