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What threats lie in wait for marketers in 2023?

The keyword going into 2023 is “Get ready”. If there is anything marketers have learnt over the past decade, it’s that change is constant, and technological disruptions are inevitable.  Let’s start with 2022; t...

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TGIF: Fun tips for your Friday evening

I bet you already know that besides Food, everyone’s other favorite ‘F’ word is Friday! TGIF gets us in that mood where we can’t just wait to be done with the day’s work so we can go home and do almost nothing!...

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Keeping up with trends is the biggest challenge for digital marketers

Changes in consumer behaviors and preferences, as well as technological advancements across sectors have continued to have huge transformational impact on the digital marketing industry and the roles of digital...

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9 Key startup metrics African founders should focus on

Nigerian startups raised $1.6 billion in 2021 from Venture Capitalists and more startups are looking to raise capital to scale their growth & expansion into new markets. Before venture capital firms signs t...

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Creativity is the core of digital marketing, or what else?

At the core of digital marketing is creativity, because the key to a successful marketing campaign lies in your ability to be creative. You might rightly say “No, it’s not. Creativity is just the icing on the c...